Here are actions you can take to stand in solidarity with the Gulf South during the National Week of Action for the 5-year observance of the BP oil disaster:

  1.  Sign the petition in support of federal recognition for southern Louisiana’s United Houma Nation
    • Five years ago, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill devastated the livelihood of the United Houma Nation, a 17,000-member indigenous community in southern Louisiana. BP refused to pay damages to the tribe because they are not officially recognized by the U.S. government.
    • The Houma are launching a new campaign for federal recognition. Sign the petition to stand with the United Houma Nation in their fight for justice!
  2. Send a message to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) advocating for strengthening the U.S. toxic dispersant rule
    • Almost 5 years after 1.84 million gallons of toxic dispersants were dumped in the Gulf during the BP drilling disaster, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally proposed a new rule for the use of dispersants during oil spills. Although these reforms aren’t perfect, they do require science and safety information that will allow the U.S. Coast Guard and EPA to make better informed decision about the use of dispersants.  Tell EPA to make these reforms as strong as possible!
  3. Sign the petition to BP asking them to stop attempting to discredit Gulf scientists every time a new study comes out.
    • BP is working hard to make sure that we forget about the 210 million gallons of oil that gushed into the Gulf for 87 days. Researchers all over the country are working hard to evaluate the damage done to Gulf communities and wildlife habitats, but each time a new study is released, BP’s PR pros sweep it under the rug in an attempt to discredit the important research.
    • It’s time to send BP a wakeup call! The Gulf cannot be fully restored until BP takes responsibility and stops the PR spin. Join us in asking BP to work with researchers to restore the Gulf to its full potential.
  4. Donate to Gulf South Rising
  5. Interact With Social Media
    • ​Twitter: @gulfsouthrising
    • Hashtag: #GulfSouthRising
    • FB Posts: Gulf South Rising

Sample Tweets (click to automatically send) :

“We stand with Gulf Coast communities 5yrs after the BP oil disaster. BP pay what you owe. #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising”

“Gulf Coast communities have paid the price for all of us. Ban toxic dispersants. #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising”

“As goes the Gulf South, so goes the nation. We support Gulf South Rising! #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising”