There are many ways to take action this Gulf South Rising Week of Action and stand in solidarity with communities of the Gulf South. Whoever you are, wherever you are, there is a way to be involved!


·         Have a conversation with your cashier at the grocery store, your students, your church members, your auto mechanic – really, anyone in your community – about the 5th year of the BP oil drilling disaster. Feel free to use our talking points below!

·         Post on social media what you remember from the Deepwater Horizon explosion 5yrs ago and/or the 87 days that followed until the well was capped.  See sample Tweets below.  Tag: #GulfSouthRising. 


·         Support National Petition to support federal recognition for the United Houma Nation.

·         Send a message to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) advocating for strengthening the U.S. toxic dispersant rule.


Come to participate in one of the many Gulf South Rising events across the Gulf South from April 15th-22nd.


It’s not too late to organize an event in your own community if there isn’t one close or convenient for you. Click here to the People’s Movement Assembly toolkit to create your own community agenda toward a just transition!


We are still fundraising for putting together the week of action. Every dollar counts!

Social Media:

 Hashtag: #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising;

FB Posts: Gulf South Rising

Sample Tweets: #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising;

  • We stand with Gulf Coast communities 5yrs after the BP oil disaster. BP pay what you owe. #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising

  • Gulf Coast communities have paid the price for all of us. Ban toxic dispersants. #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising

  • As goes the Gulf South, so goes the nation. We support Gulf South Rising! #GulfSouthRising; @gulfsouthrising