GSR Community Controlled Fund – Katrina 10

GSR created a Community Controlled Fund. All dollars raised in 2015 through GSR that did not go directly to local organizers and events are presently held in the GSR Community Controlled Fund. GSR as a broader initiative concluded with the end of 2015, but community meetings continue into 2016 for a collective decision-making process on how to manage and use the GSR Community Controlled Fund.  Building this infrastructure for the GSR Community Controlled Fund is creating a model for community controlled funds that can be replicated and adapted across the Gulf South.

Gulf South Rising participants developed a governance structure from the ground up, including a decision making process that invites everyone to engage in the conversation while reserving decision making power over the fund to those who were raised in the Gulf South. Read our Statement of Purpose below, and for more information see the Gulf South Rising Community Controlled Fund Report.

2016 GSR Community Controlled Fund Statement of Purpose

The collectively established GSR statement of purpose, adopted via consensus on 5/24/16, reads:

The Gulf South Rising Community-Controlled Fund (GSR CCF) sets precedents for new funding mechanisms promoting just transitions away from extractive practices while dismantling oppressive structures which harm our communities and, ultimately, our ecology. The GSR/CCF exists to restore communities and to honor the legacy of strength and resistance in the Gulf South.

We believe people on and of the land should control what happens to the land; the people of the South must control what happens in the South. This regenerating, community-controlled fund provides resources to foster power and promote togetherness in the region (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL). The fund exists to return power to historically marginalized communities through collective control of dollars, assets, skills and information. We work against racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, classism, ageism and other forms of discrimination which have been used to divide our communities internally and exclude valuable members of our communities from the larger world. We prioritize Black and Indigenous communities of the Gulf South, and we aim to impact and connect the often over-looked, common interests of Gulf South and Global South communities.
We invest in furthering ecological equity. We fund innovative approaches to ensure that the basic needs (air, water, food, housing, healthcare) of Gulf South residents on the frontlines of climate change are met in balance with our ecology. Our dollars are our love in action and we use them to create and grow regenerative spaces of power and collective healing.